What Inspires Us

Collaboration enhances our capacities.

Our firm is known for its broad international experience – combining our leading track record on behalf of German clients with an understanding of the business practices of clients based in other parts of the world, such as Europe, North America, Japan and China.

Our attorneys have multidisciplinary skills and are able to deal with a great range of issues in several areas of business law. The collaboration we achieve across multidisciplinary areas makes us truly efficient. We make a point of constantly exchanging technical knowledge and experience throughout the firm, ensuring that we offer clients exceptional levels of responsiveness and consistent results.

By adopting such an interdisciplinary approach to the handling of legal cases (as opposed to a compartmentalized approach), we have been able to develop a practical and objective view of our clients’ businesses.

We are passionate about the practice of law.

We have recruited professionals who have graduated from the most prestigious law schools in Brazil and abroad, who are fluent in English, German and other languages, and who share our philosophy and firm culture.

Intellectual curiosity, critical thought, enthusiasm, multidisciplinary interests, a taste for culture and relevant international experience are among the qualities we seek in our attorneys and trainees.

We invest in the dissemination of knowledge, training and a collaborative work environment. We carry out training in specific areas of law, and related areas of expertise, every-other-week meetings, and study groups to debate relevant legal topics that affect our daily practice, and aim to bring our professionals closer to the realities of our clients’ businesses. As a result, we have created a rich environment for sharing ideas, which ensures that all members of the team are encouraged to approach matters at hand creatively.

What our team has to say about us:

“The vibe here is very positive; the work environment is excellent and healthy.  We feel motivated to grow professionally, learn, do a great job and face day-to-day challenges.”

“I decided to follow my dream – the dream of a firm dedicated to excellence, where people love what they do, develop professionally and enjoy working together.”

“Great lawyers and a firm that is able not only to provide legal services of excellence, but embodies what each of us is capable of.”

“We’ve grown as individuals, as a firm and as colleagues.  I hope that we will always be able to work together and continue to grow in the future”.

“A great firm is not built without a great team.  The firm’s success is already evident and reflects the cooperation and integration of all members of the team.”

“We stand firm in our mission and know the value added not only to our clients’ businesses, but to our profession.”