Alliances and Memberships

Our firm, jointly with Arizpe, Valdes & Marcos (México) –, Estudio Malis & Asoc. (Argentina) – – and Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, PLC (USA) –, have established a new law firm network focused on providing legal services throughout the Americas – “The Legal Alliance of the Americas”.  The law firms comprising the Alliance, which remain independent, have already been working with each other on common clients and transactions, and formalized their close cooperation into The Legal Alliance of the Americas network in order to provide clients with even better service and responsiveness throughout the Americas.

After formation, the Alliance has added new firms: Casahierro Abogados (Peru) –, and Lloreda Camacho & Co. (Colombia) – and Guerrero Olivos (Chile) – The addition of these has firms further expanded the Alliance’s reach to provide clients with seamless representation in key markets.

The Alliance members share similar values and objectives. In addition to creating cross-border intelligence, the Alliance embraces local differences across borders and incorporate them into the legal services.


Our firm is a member of the following associations, chambers of commerce and institutes, in Brazil and abroad: