• Assistance in hiring and dismissal of executives
  • Assistance in obtaining work authorization for expatriate employees who intend to work or reside in Brazil
  • Negotiation, drafting and revision of labor contracts, contracts for technical and professional services, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements
  • Advice on compensation plans, such as bonuses, profit sharing plans and stock option plans
  • Drafting and revision of compensation and benefits policies, including profit sharing plans
  • Drafting and revision of internal policies, such as employee conduct guidelines, and policies governing the use of company equipment and facilities
  • Advice on workplace health and safety
  • Legal Due Diligences in the context of mergers and acquisitions transactions or for internal control and compliance
  • Training on labor law risk prevention for corporate clients
  • Assistance in the relationship with labor unions

Labor Litigation (Administrative and Judicial)

  • Participation in roundtable discussions at the Ministry of Labor and Employment
  • Representation in investigation procedures, “Agreements for Adjustment of Conduct”, civil investigations and public civil action commended by the Ministry of Labor and Employment
  • Defense of notice of infraction issued by the Regional Superintendence of Labor and Employment, and of individual lawsuits and class action lawsuits commenced by employees or labor unions, at all judicial levels
  • Risk analysis for labor litigation and calculation of reserve contingencies
  • Project for reduction or prevention of labor lawsuits, whether judicial or administrative

Labor Union

  • Assistance in collective negotiations with labor unions in several sectors
  • Orientation and consulting in relation to collective agreements and conventions
  • Assistance in the management of crises, strikes, collective agreements, roundtables, mediations, arbitrations and collective bargaining agreements