Why choose our firm?

We enjoy what we do and we always work collaboratively, in a way that values the abilities and talents of each of our professionals.  For us, continuous professional development is a key means to allow our team to feel appreciated and motivated; therefore, we seek to provide to our professionals with the necessary tools to allow each one of them to develop their abilities and constantly improve themselves.

Work Environment

We believe that a pleasant and stimulating work environment improves our team’s performance and the final results of our work.  For this reason, we value a cooperative working environment, foster a spirit of partnership among work colleagues and encourage the exchange of ideas aimed at achieving the best possible results for our clients.


We constantly strive toward our trainees and attorneys’ improvement, and encourage various initiatives to achieve this objective. We hold monthly study group meetings to deepen our understanding of legal topics relevant to our daily practice and to keep our professionals up-to-date with changes to Brazilian legislation.

We also invite specialized legal experts from outside the firm to give training courses to our attorneys and promote meetings every other week to discuss our clients’ matters, encouraging the exchange of information and ideas between our professionals.

Additionallly, we evaluate our professionals on a semi-annual basis, and in these valuations our professionals receive feedback on their work within the firm and have the opportunity to discuss ways to improve their abilities and develop their careers.


Excellence and creativity are essential to our practice. As a consequence, we are selective in the recruitment of our legal interns and attorneys, and always take into account their combinations of talent, professional experience, academic background and personal profile.

We also seek professionals with different experiences and backgrounds in order to gather diverse points of view and ensure creative solutions for our clients.


We encourage direct interaction among our interns, attorneys and partners, promoting the exchange of experiences, practical advice and information relevant for the development of our professionals and for our clients’ problems.

Our interns and attorneys are encouraged, from the beginning of their practice at the firm, to understand our clients’ businesses and their practical needs, as well as to actively participate in direct contact with clients and in the resolution of cases.

How to join our team?

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, send an e-mail to our HR department at, with your CV and let us know which areas of practice interest you. If your profile matches an open position, we will contact you to schedule an interview.